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How does face recognition turnstile gate work?

Face recognition slice is a traffic control device based on human face recognition technology. It is mainly composed of cameras, face recognition algorithms and control systems. When people are close to the gate, the camera will automatically shoot their facial images and compare and recognize through the face recognition algorithm. If the recognition results are successfully matched, the turnstile gate will be automatically lifted and allowed to pass; otherwise, the gate will be closed.
2. The application of face recognition doors in security guarantee
Face recognition doors are widely used in various places, such as enterprises and institutions, institutions, schools, and community access controls. It can effectively prevent illegal invasion and improve the security of traffic. Compared with traditional access cards and passwords, face recognition lanes have higher accuracy and security, avoiding problems such as card loss and password leakage.
Third, the application of face recognition channels in convenience in terms of convenience
In addition to security and guarantee, face recognition can also improve the convenience of traffic. Because face recognition is a non -contact method, users only need to stand in front of the gate, and they can pass quickly without swiping cards or input passwords. This convenience makes the face recognition of the human face recognition of the peak period and the application of dense places in crowded places has greater advantages.
4. The value and significance of the face recognition lane in different scenarios
Face recognition doors have their unique value and significance in different scenarios. In enterprise institutions, it can be used for employee attendance and access control to improve management efficiency and security; in institutional schools, it can be used for student attendance and campus safety management, reducing the workload of manual inspections; in the community access control, it can be used in the access control of the community. Used for residents' entry and exit management and improving the safety of the community.
With the continuous progress of science and technology, face recognition doors, as a security guarantee equipment, are being applied in more and more areas. It not only improves the safety and convenience of traffic, but also brings more efficient management methods to various places. However, the price of face recognition doors varies by different brands and configurations. Please consult relevant companies to obtain specific offers.


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