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What is face recognition turnstile gate access control system?

1. System composition
The pedestrian gate face recognition system is mainly composed of the following components:
1. Human face recognition equipment: including high -definition cameras, infrared sensors, etc., for collecting pedestrian face information.
2. Face recognition algorithm: Adopt advanced face recognition algorithms to process and compare the collected face images to achieve accurate recognition of the face.
3. Control system: The automatic opening and closing of the gate can be achieved by connecting to the sidewalk gate.
4. Database: Store face information of registered users for comparison with the face image collected.
2. Working principle
The working principle of the sidewalk human face recognition system is as follows:
1. Pedestrians enter: When pedestrians are close to the sidewalk gates, the infrared sensor of the system will detect the existence of pedestrians.
2. Face collection: The system of the system will automatically shoot the pedestrian's face and transmit the image to the face recognition algorithm.
3. Face comparison: The face recognition algorithm will compare the face information of the face of the face of the face of the face of the face of the face of the person in the database to determine whether it is a legal user.
4. The gate opening: If the comparison result is successful, the system will send instructions to the control system, the control gate will be automatically opened, allowing pedestrians to pass.
5. Close closure: When the pedestrian passes, the gate will be closed automatically, waiting for the next pedestrian to enter.
Third, advantages and applications
Face recognition system for people's sideways has the following advantages:
1. Efficient and accurate: Adopt advanced face recognition algorithms, which can quickly and accurately identify pedestrians and improve traffic efficiency.
2. Safe and reliable: By identifying and comparing the face, it can effectively prevent illegal invasion and fraud, and ensure the safety of public places.
3. Automation management: The system can realize the automatic opening and closing of the gate, reduce manual operation, and improve management efficiency.
4. Data analysis: The system can analyze and statistics collected data to provide managers with decision -making basis.
The sidewalk face recognition system is widely used in the management of sidewalk gates in public places, communities, shopping malls, schools and other places. It can improve the efficiency of traffic, reduce manual operations, improve management efficiency, and at the same time can effectively prevent illegal invasion and fraud, and ensure the safety of public places. With the continuous development and popularization of face recognition technology, the human sidewalk human face recognition system will be applied in more fields.


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