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What should do when swing turnstile gate not close?

You can try to close the total gate. After the power is disconnected, see if the gate can be turned on. If it can be opened normally, try to open the general gate, and then see if it can be automatically returned. If it is normal, then the initial initial The judgment is a fault in the motherboard. If the previous situation is still occurred, it is recommended to check whether the infrared shooting switch is damaged, and the limits of the time to the right time are normal. If you do n’t know the operation, it is recommended to contact the professional master to check the repair in the past. What is the role of pedestrian channels? When the vehicle enters the parking lot that adopts the intelligent license plate recognition system, the system quickly performs the license plate recognition and automatically takes photos through the camera, and automatically lifts up the gear bar. By comparison with the system whitelist, if it is a fixed vehicle, the gate is automatically lifted to release. If it is a temporary vehicle, the system will automatically calculate the fee. There are two components of face recognition gates, the gate and face recognition gate head, Elan's face recognition gate head with face recognition algorithm, upload the face picture library to the face recognition gate header head Inside, when the personnel visit, brush the face and compare the pictures in the picture library. After the comparison is successful, the gate head will send the gate head to the gate to the gate, and then the gate will open the gate to let the visitors pass. The maintenance method of pedestrian channel gate checks the appearance of the smart gates of the gate body, mostly stainless steel materials. Do not contact the surface of the lock body with corrosive substances during daily use, such as acidic substances, so as not to destroy the appearance maintenance layer of the lock body or cause the surface coating to oxidize, affecting the locking gloss. When the battery battery is replaced with insufficient battery battery, the battery must be replaced in time to prevent the acidic liquid corrosion of the waste battery corrosion of the smart gates. As the primary mechanical structure of the smart gate, the movement movement movement is naturally not ignored by maintenance. It is found that the movement is not very active or cannot insist on the accurate orientation. At this time, you should add lubricating oil to the lock core: remove the side decorative board, spray the lock core with oil gun, roll the handle and knob until the door lock stops. The service life of regular maintenance of the smart gate is inseparable from its maintenance work. For example, to ensure the cleanliness of the smart gate, regularly check the technical status of the smart gate, find different timely processing, components about loosening and disorders, components of loosening and disorder Timely tightening and adjustment, preventive replacement of some damaged parts.


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